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MLGC offers some of the fastest speeds in the state—and the nation

ENDERLIN, ND — MLGC is thrilled to announce they are bringing 5-gigabit residential internet service to North Dakota. MLGC has a history of providing the fastest internet; in the 1980s, MLGC spearheaded a movement to bring North Dakotans the fastest internet in the country by placing fiber in the ground. Now, MLGC is among the first to offer 5-gigabit internet to residential customers.

MLGC delivers high-speed broadband, television, and phone services to over 2,500 homes across east-central North Dakota. And effective immediately, residential customers in the communities of Kindred, Davenport, Amber Plains/Round Hill, Enderlin, Finley, and Cooperstown will have access to this revolutionary, blazing new speed.

5-Gig produces a faster, high-quality video streaming experience with an absence of latency. The benefits of 5-Gig go far beyond entertainment, according to MLGC President and General Manager Tyler Kilde. These speeds will allow residential customers to enjoy a smarter, more connected world using the many devices in their homes, such as security systems, smart kitchen appliances, televisions, lights, and thermostats.

This advancement comes at a time when customers are more reliant on their internet than ever before. Thousands of individuals are now working and learning from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic; with 5-Gig, they can attend meetings and classes without delays or buffering and upload large files in the blink of an eye.

“Technology is constantly changing, and our consumption of data continues to increase exponentially,” Kilde said. “So with this project, we will be set for the future.”

For more than a century, MLGC has delivered cutting-edge communications technology to the residents of rural North Dakota. Kilde believes that 5 gigabit internet is the natural next step in the evolution of that technology.  

“We’re a fourth generation, family-owned company,” Kilde said. “We’ve come from the telephone that was cranked, hanging on the wall, to the switchboard where you actually had people flipping switches, to laying fiber, and now 5-Gig. We believe that it is our responsibility, especially in rural North Dakota, to bring that technology to our consumers.”

To start your 5-Gig experience and increase the speed and reliability of your home’s internet, contact MLGC today at 877-893-6542.

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