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Our story begins in 1906, when both Moore & Liberty Telephone and Griggs County Telephone Companies were established in the rural communities of Enderlin and Cooperstown, ND.  Now known as MLGC, we are a fourth-generation, FAMILY owned Rural Local Exchange Carrier (RLEC) which started with a switchboard and a telephone hanging on the wall that was cranked by hand.

Today MLGC can deliver ultra-high-speed broadband services, MLGC TV, telephone and advanced business services to our customers using a 100% Fiber Optic Network to connect our RURAL North Dakota exchanges of Cooperstown, McHenry, Finley, Binford, Enderlin, Sheldon and Davenport to the world.

Over the decades and as the communications world changes, one thing remains constant – our COMMITMENT to provide the best technologies and services at competitive rates.  MLGC’s most recent venture provided fiber optics to the developments of Amber Plains and Round Hill in Fargo, ND and Davenport, ND along with several developments surrounding Kindred, ND, including Braaten Addition, Bison View Estates, Evergreen Lane, Woodlawn Drive, and Newport Ridge.

In an era of exploding technology, our goal is to continue to deliver FUTURE technologies that make our rural communities in North Dakota vibrant places in which to live and do business in with a skilled and experienced TEAM who live in the same communities we serve. We are your LOCAL provider who prides itself on its unmatched customer service with a ‘small-town’ touch.

Our Communities

We serve communities across a wide range of rural areas. From Cass County to Foster, we provide television, internet, and phone services, giving our communities the resources they need to connect, communicate, and collaborate.







Golden Lake







Amber Plains/Round Hill

North Dakota’s Fiber Network

MLGC together with DCN and 13 other independent rural telecommunications companies in North Dakota have made significant investments in North Dakota’s fiber infrastructure.  North Dakota has been honored by several publications and organizations as having one of the best data networks in the United States.


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MLGC along with the other members of BAND bring speeds of 1 Gig and faster in ND

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